Sash and case

Our sash and case windows are an example of how historic windows can be modernised to complement traditional buildings, whilst helping to keep your home or workspace draught free, reducing your heating costs and having a positive impact on the environment. Ours are an upgraded version of the most traditional Scottish window design. The original version was known for being noisy, draughty and difficult to open. We have taken the traditional and reinvented a modern example that is fully weather-sealed, double-glazed and a joy to live with. We can supply them with conventional cords and lead weights, or use spiral balances.

We pre-finish all our windows, so that when they arrive on site they just need to be fitted. This allows for a much higher finishing standard that will increase performance and minimise maintenance. We offer a wide choice, including modern, high-performance units; slim, low sight-line units for listed buildings or other special requirements; and single glazed if necessary for Grade A listed buildings. Call us or visit to discuss how we can advise on the range and variety of products that will best suit your location and usage.

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