Frequently asked questions

Is delivery included?

The delivery costs are normally included in the overall cost. The exception is if it’s a very remote location, an offshore island or it’s a small order. Even this is sometimes possible to link with another order to the same area. It is always best to ask.

Can you install windows and doors?

Treecraft only manufacture, we do not carry out any installation work, however we are happy to recommend various installers with whom we regularly work with.

What are your terms and conditions

See the technical pages for our full terms and conditions or download a .pdf here

What is the cleaning regulation?

Scottish Building Regulations state that it must be possible to clean all windows above ground floor safely from the inside. Generally, the upstairs windows should open in such a way as to permit this to happen. It does mean at times, that a constraint is placed on the type of window design that can be used and it can also have a cost implication.

Do I need to have trickle vents?

Every room needs to have the facility of a certain amount of ventilation, and the easiest and probably cheapest way is to fit trickle vents, again this is a building regulation, and there are some practical reasons behind it.

What is the u-value of your windows?

The centre pane value of our standard window is within the region of 1.2. This can vary slightly depending on the actual design and can be further improved to around 1.0 if we use a different type of glass. This however will have financial implications and it is always necessary to strike a balance between cost and performance. See the glazing section for more information.

Do I need triple glazing?

Triple glazed windows are more energy efficient with a lower u-value meaning they keep the cold out and stop heat escaping the home during winter, they also prevent heat getting in during the summer.

Another plus is they keep noise out so if you live in a high traffic area you may be able to increase the value of your home. Triple glazing does cost significantly more to install, and you may never recoup your cost through reduced energy bills as they do not save much more than double glazing. Triple glazing is not always necessary in our mild UK climate