November 27, 2019

Why we use Accoya®

Accoya high performance wood is based upon acetylated wood technology, a process that has been studied around the world for more than 80 years. This method of improving wood has been proven to deliver such superior performance that it has long been used as the “gold standard” against which other modified wood methods are measured. Acetylation has been around for most of the 20th century. It is easy to do on a small scale but not on a larger scale. It’s only recently that the technology has been developed to acetylate larger volumes of wood. Accoya has been commercially available since 2007.

Acetylation is a process in which softwood is subjected to a vinegar, which turns it into a hardwood by preventing the cells in the wood from being able to absorb water.  So Accoya is pickled wood!

The “vinegar is acetic anhydride which is non-toxic. To understand the benefits of Accoya we need to point out the importance of acetylated wood not absorbing water. When producing anything from wood it is water that is one of the main troublemakers. Keep wood dry and well maintained and it’s one of the most reliable materials available, introduce water and problems can occur. With untreated, badly treated or unmodified wood, water can cause rotting, warping, splintering, swelling and shrinking. Acetylation removes the issue at source. Accoya maintains its original shape and dimensions, it’s perfect for coating and has outstanding durability. Accoya is the only acetylated wood.

The rainforest is facing its biggest environmental threat to date. An exotic hardwood may take hundreds of years to grow then vast swathes of rainforest are cut down to find them, then they are turned into someone’s deck! This results in a huge carbon footprint and the destruction of natural resources. Accoya is the answer to these problems, it protects natural resources, reduces the carbon footprint and gives you a beautiful product that is exceptionally strong. The Accoya manufacturer guarantees Accoya for 50 years above ground and 25 for below ground.

All wood used to produce Accoya is from sustainable wood farms, meaning it is purposefully grown.

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